Seal and save!

Whether you are trying to protect your newly paved lot or extend the life of your old one, Sessions Sealing can apply a protective coating to your asphalt pavement. We call this sealcoating.

Everyday elements like sun and rain can heavily damage your asphalt, but sealcoating is a proactive way to protect your property. Sealcoating can also make your pavement look new again. It's like giving a wall a fresh coat of paint.

Benefits of Seal Coating:

  1. Make your pavement more attractive
  2. Extend the life of your pavement
  3. Prevent water penetration that leads to cracks and potholes
  4. Increase skid resistance for improved safety
  5. Prevent damage from chemicals like oil, gas, and salt

Some of our satisfied customers include

  • St. Thomas Hospital Ghertner and Associates National Tire and Battery Comdata Corp.
  • Community Church Synergy Real Estate Group Skyline Manufacturing MTSU
  • Rokeby Condos Legacy Golf Course Outlaw Field Clarksville Airport 100 Oaks Mall
  • Military Entrance Processing Services Nashville, TN (1st picture below)
  • Dickson, TN Airport (2nd picture below)